Yoowalk 08/11/2010
In yoowalk you can make your website into a virtual room. And that's exactly what I'm doing right now, with this site! It's not done yet, but you can already visit it here. Also, sign up on yoowalk, it's a great site! Or atleast it's gonna be, when it's complete (it's still in beta).
Store update 07/31/2010
I'm shutting down the store because I'm making a new much better one! It will have worldwide shipping! Yay!
Store open :) 07/22/2010
The store is now open. Go check it out, and order some if you are in Sweden.
I will open an online t-shirt store using Spreadshirt.com. Unfortunately they will only be available in Sweden, but who knows, maybe I will find a way to sell them worldwide later on. So I'm working on the designs right now, and the store will probably be up later this week! 
Hai. 07/18/2010
So um hai. In this little blog I'm gonna write what I'm working on right now. I will try to update regularly. Thanks for reading!